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We Won North America!

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 by in Blog |

A while back we entered the Firefox Flicks short film competition.  This year’s competition was focused on Firefox OS, a new mobile operating system created by Mozilla, Firefox’s parent company.  Here’s our entry:

Director: David Pestka  Director of Photography: Aaron McFarlane   Grip: Stan Pestka   Voiceover: Joseph Hall   Music: Funny Death  Editing: Running With Elephants LLC

A few weeks ago we were notified that we won an award!  …although we didn’t know which award it was.  Mozilla flew us and the other winners from around the world to the Toronto Film Festival and… What an Experience.


This competition brought together a very special group of winners.  I’ve watched some of these entries over and over again.  To finally meet the personalities behind them sheds an even more flattering light on their work that I wish I could convey to you. This is a conscientious, appreciative, intelligent, creative, personable group, and it’s no accident.  The people at Mozilla are the same way.

A number of Mozillans joined us at the festival and the time we spent with them gave me a feel for what that company is all about.  Lizz Noonan, Greg Jost, Kristen Baird and everyone we met from Mozilla went out of their way to make us feel special.  They held a lunch and a beautiful party in our honor on the roof of the Bell Lightbox, a theater built by TIFF that is the center of the entire festival.



They ate with us, they danced with us, they told us how much they loved all of our work and how grateful they were of the time and effort we put into it.  It’s more than that though.  These are genuine, appreciative people.  They are working for a cause.  They love what they do.  On two separate occasions someone at Mozilla told me they are working their dream job.  People who feel that way bring that positivity to everything they touch.


The final piece to this award: The judges… An impressive collection of producers, actors, cinematographers and industry professionals who took the time to view the work and voice their opinions.  I think the benefit of a panel like this is two-fold: These are people that can help Mozilla get their message out in the most effective way possible and in the process they help us, the filmmakers, as well.

Being selected by a group as knowledgeable as this one is validating and it’s an honor. So is meeting them.  It’s a privilege to talk to Franklin Leonard from the Blacklist about story, Catherine Ogilvie from Dolby about the future of audio and Mike Dellatorre from Panavision about their New Filmmaker Program.

Ah!  I almost forgot!  We won North America!!  Another step along the way to big things.




Thank you Mozilla.  Thank you judges.  Congratulations fellow winners!

To the future!

You can read the official announcement and view the other winners of the competition here.