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How to Spend Money Without Really Trying

Posted on Sep 4, 2018 by in Blog |

That $3 coffee was great because it got you out of the house for a couple of hours.  The change of scenery was probably good for your head and it’s good to be around people. Same for the coffee you bought yesterday ($6) and the ones you bought Tuesday ($9), Wednesday($12) and Friday($15) of last week.  A couple of those days were Starbucks days anyway and you used your Starbucks card which is more like Monopoly money than real money…

That new backpack ($39) was a good idea because you got the old one six years ago and never liked it, and six years is a good amount of time to really figure out if you like something or not. You wouldn’t even have considered this new one if you weren’t going camping.  Well, maybe you would have considered it, but you never would have bought it, probably. Plus you researched it thoroughly by reading reviews on Amazon for 4 hours and that’s a solid amount of research.

Good thing you found that new grill brush ($59) because yesterday you found out that the old kind of grill brushes can lose steel bristles which end up in your food and tear your intestines.

The three portable SSDs ($562) were a no-brainer because they’re for the business… you have a new editor working for you, plus you have to travel and you learned (6 minutes ago…from the sales description of the SSD) that SSDs are the fastest possible way to edit with an external drive.  None of the other 15 external drives you have will be able to edit up to 4 streams of 4K footage simultaneously. Plus these are bus powered, more stable, less temperamental and have 741 reviews that average out to 4.5 stars on Amazon (more research). You also needed that battery pack ($598) to charge your electronics in case you’re on a plane without outlets.  Or in a tent.  Actually, you needed two of them ($634).

Good thing you bought those new C-stands ($972) and light stands ($1322), and the case ($1506) for them, because your stuff is really old, and renting is a pain, and these are the kinds of things the company can use for a long time… unlike cameras, which are updated exponentially faster than Moore’s Law.  Also, you need to look into buying a camera.

Everything on this list is justified.  Some of it is necessary.

You might want to get that espresso machine because then you won’t spend money at the coffeeshop anymore (right?).